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Free Blueprints? Wood Gasifier Do It Yourself?
Read Function First!

I am happy to support efforts to bring historic wood gasifiers and gas generators back into operation. Whether stationary, on tractors, cars or other vehicles. I also have an extensive collection of contemporary technical literature and brochures. Spare parts and components such as fans and mixing gasifiers are available. Important to know: The wood gas hobby is time-consuming, it costs time and money and sometimes the nerves of your wife or girlfriend. But it is also something truly unique.

I am not responsible for building power generators or equipping newer cars with wood carburetors, you can and must do this yourself with the information on this page. My colleague Dutch John has written a very impressive report on this subject, in English and German language. If you don't take the time to read this report, then you won't have the patience to carry out a wood gas project. However, Dutch John no longer answers inquiries. He's fed up with the guys who want to steal his time but are too embarrassed to read the information he puts online for free.


Of course, there are construction plans that can be downloaded free of charge. Assessing whether the blueprint is suitable for the planned application is not free - it costs your own experience. Unfortunately, the operator is part of the system. There are no standardized fuels such as diesel or petrol at the filling station. This means that the operator has to select the appropriate fuel himself. And the operator must know the consequences and effects of the selection, as well as the consequences of every manipulation of this delicate and manually controlled high-temperature reactor. With a car, it is not essential to know how the engine works in order to drive it.It is different with a wood gasifier.This fact makes operating a wood gasifier a challenge that requires knowledge, feeling and, above all, patience.

The information and links on this homepage provide you with enough information to start your own wood gas project. In the words of Dutch John: “Your wife will tell you when your wood gasifier runs tar-free”... and as mentioned, I am happy to help with advice and spare parts for the restoration of historical systems.

Rotag wood gasifier

Monorator for cars

Imbert rotating slide rule

for calculating a gas generator for any engine

Hearth design and gas flow rate according to Imbert

Spreadsheet calculation for designing the gas generator, based on Imbert and FAO72

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