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Daniel Hagen

Originally a trained agricultural machinery mechanic, I continued my education to become a process engineer. I have been working at thyssenkrupp Materials Schweiz AG since 1999 and have been Sales Manager of the Special Materials department since 2006. My area of responsibility includes application consulting and sales of e.g. titanium for aviation and medical technology, material development for the watch industry such as IWC, Panerai etc. with in-depth metallurgical and production engineering knowledge.

At the age of 16, I restored my first tractor, a 1937 Hürlimann 4KT40C. This tractor still had its original Imbert wood carburetor, which I also repaired and put back into operation. My enthusiasm for wood carburetors and gas generators dates back to this time. Other tractors and cars followed, but the topic of wood gasifiers in particular never let go of me.

In my spare time, I look after the Meili Museum in Hüttwilen, which contains exhibits from me and from my father Richard Hagen, who passed away in 2020. Together we restored the Flextrac / Metrac, which I was able to acquire after 15 years of research, and restored other interesting objects. My “journeyman's piece” regarding Meili specifically was the discovery and restoration of the legendary Meili spring steel wheels.

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Richard Hagen
1933 - 2020

Richard “Jonny” Hagen had a decisive influence on the Swiss tractor scene, he was known far beyond the circles of connoisseurs and was a veteran. Many Meili tractors were co-developed by him and bear his signature. 

My father only caught the collector's bug late in life and, due to his career, he specialized primarily, but not exclusively, in Meili tractors and vehicles.

The Meili Museum contains all the objects that my father and I have restored and collected. My father recorded the eventful history of Meili in the Meili book, which is still available from the Meili Museum.

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